Atman IoT Server

Atman IoT is available as a stand alone server, packaged in a preconfigured, ready to use Docker container.

Atman IoT server is aimed for solution providers that have special requirements with regard to data storage and data management.

The ideal solution for deploying your IoT backend#

The Atman IoT server comes with:

  • pre-configured database making your data fully accessible
  • database management tool
  • REST API Explorer for testing custom integrations with other services - demo
  • Extensive API documentation - view
  • responsive web application similar to our online platform's web app, for managing your server and visualizing the data - Signup to view it online

The Atman IoT server container can be installed on all major operating systems.

Please refer to our installation guide to get your server up and running

Customization services#

Atman IoT server can be customized according to your project's needs. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and offer you a quote for our services.

Free for academic use#

We value and honor the academic community and for that reason we have made Atman IoT server free for academic use. We would be happy to assist you on your project. Please contact us using the following form.