From a R&D project to Atman IoT

From it’s initial steps up to today, our company, Kapa REN Ltd, has been focused on developing innovative technological solutions, that help its customers gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

It was a great honor for us to be invited to participate in, the co-financed by GSRT research project, PV Auto Scout, which has helped us tremendously in shaping Atman IoT. Through our involvement with the academic world, we transitioned from theory to practice and from R&D to creating a fully fledged commercial product.

alt "PV Auto Scout Drone" PV Auto Scout drone during preflight testing

PV Auto Scout aims at creating an automated Photovoltaic (PV) Plant monitoring system that automates the labor intense task of periodical thermal imaging of PV modules in order to detect slow evolving performance degradation.

The idea is simple. Use telemetry in order to detect abnormalities in the production and then confirm the results by flying over the facility an autonomous aerial vehicle equipped with a thermal camera.

alt "PV Auto Scout System Architecture" PV Auto Scout System Architecture

In more detail, the solution consists of the following:

  • unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) quipped with thermal cameras
  • an autonomous drone hangar with a charging and storage station,
  • software for coordinating the take off, flight / mission, landing and charging operations of drones, and for communicating with external systems,
  • software for processing the thermal images collected by the drones, and for detecting defects / problems in individual PV modules,
  • software for detecting abnormal operation of PV modules, and
  • software for the remote monitoring and control of the entire system

Our company’s role in the project is to develop a system for collecting production and weather data from the PV facility, analyzing it with advanced in house machine learning techniques in order to detect production abnormalities and presenting the data to the stakeholders through an easy-to-use and intuitive web application.

The project is expected to conclude in mid 2022 but already we wave gained valuable knowledge that has helped us tremendously during the development of Atman IoT.

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