Add users and grant them permissions

By completing the previous steps, you will have created a hierarchical structure (assets and asset groups) for your IoT data as well as be able to send data from your devices data to the Atman IoT platform.

By finishing this step you will be able to add new users to your iot application, as well as grant them access to your data.

Understanding user management#

Atman IoT utilizes Role Based Access Control (RBAC) for allowing authorized user access to different features and platform resources, based on the user roles and configurable user permissions.

There are two different available roles:

  • application administrator
  • application user

Application administrator#

Application administrators have full access to the platform’s resources and can perform all tasks regarding application management and monitoring, including:

  • creating, editing and deleting assets and asset groups
  • assigning devices to assets
  • adding and removing application users
  • granting and removing asset access to application users
  • configuring home and asset dashboards for all users

The application administrator role is assigned to users registering for one of the available subscription plans.

Application user#

Application users have restricted access to the system’s resources, depending on privileges granted by the application administrator. The “application user” role is designed mainly for viewing the system resources. It is assigned to users added to the platform by registered and logged on system administrators.

Understanding access permissions#

The Atman IoT platform enables the application administrator to fully control the portion of the iot device data that is available to application users. This is made possible by utilizing the Asset hierarchic structure. The application administrator can grant and remove access to users on every configured asset.

Adding a new application user#

You can add an application user by by selecting the “Users” option from the main menu and then selecting the “Add User” option.

alt "Atman IoT – New user

Grant permissions to application user#

To grant asset access to an application user:

  • select the “Permissions” option on the user you want to grant asset access to
  • select the “Add Asset” option
  • on the pop up titled “Select Asset Group”, on the drop down menu, find the the Asset Group that the Asset belongs to and select “OK”
  • select the Asset you want to grant permission to

alt "Atman IoT – Grant asset access to user, select asset group

alt "Atman IoT – Grant asset access to user, select asset group


Please don’t hesitate to ask for help at any point