Create User Dashboards

You are almost finished setting up your application. By completing the previous steps, you will have created a hierarchical structure (assets and asset groups) for your IoT data, added users and granted them permission to access your data. In parallel, you should be be able to send data from your devices data to the Atman IoT platform.

By finishing this step you will be able to create custom individual user dashboards.

Understanding dashboard types#

Each application user, including the application administrator, has access to two different dashboard types, the “Home Dashboard” and the “Asset Dashboard”. The Home dashboard is used for providing an overview of the monitored assets and all device data associated with permitted assets can be displayed there. Asset dashboards are used for providing an in depth analytics for every individual asset. In each Asset dashboard, only data form devices associated with it can be displayed.

The application administrator has access to data from all devices belonging to the application while application users have access to data from devices associated only with permitted assets.

Understanding dashboard elements#

A dashboard element is the fundamental building block for all dashboards, irrespective of their type and is a visualization of the uploaded device data. At present dashboard elements are in the for of charts (area, bar, line, or pie chart), while we are working on creating different types of fun, intuitive and helpful data visualizations.

Adding an element to a dashboard#

Let’ add an element to an asset dashboard for the application administrator. Once this is done, you can repeat the process for different users and dashboard types.


Please don’t hesitate to ask for help at any point

To add an element to a dashboard, select the “Monitoring” option from the main menu and then select the “Dashboards option” option. You will be presented with a list of every user, including the application administrator. alt "Atman IoT – Add dashboard element, select dashboard type

Select the option “Asset Dashboard”, then select the asset that you want to add a dashboard element for and click on the “New Dashboard Element” button. alt "Atman IoT – Add dashboard element, selection form

Once you complete the form with the required information select save. Then select the time frame. alt "Atman IoT – Add dashboard element, select time window

After selecting “Save” the element will be added to your dashboard. alt "Atman IoT – Add dashboard element, select time window