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Great, you are one step away from launching your IoT solution!

By completing the previous steps you will have finished setting up your IoT solution. The last thing to do is to brand the application according to your requirements.

alt "Atman IoT – Customized App Demo


Web App customization is available free of charge on our paid subscription clients

How it works#

In order to ensure high end quality services for you and your clients, for every custom app we build, we create a unique distribution on our content delivery network, powered by Amazon Web Services (Amazon CloudFront). Every distribution is hosted on AWS and is available on a CloudFront subdomain. Once created, you can add a CNAME DNS record on your domain, pointing one of your subdomains to the CloudFront distribution.


Although we are working on fully automating the process, this step requires a little bit of set up on your side and on our side. By following this process, we will get your web app online by the end of next business day:

That's it. You are ready to serve your customers!