Manage Assets

Assets the link between the logical and the physical layers of information. At a logical level, an Asset is related to a physical entity managed by the administrator, such as a building, a vehicle, a renewable energy production facility etc. At the physical level, an Asset is a collection of devices that collect data from the physical entity it represents.

For example, an environmental data collection device and an energy meter from the headquarters of a business may belong to the "Buildings" Asset. At the same time, energy meters from all company buildings can belong to the Asset "Energy meters". Each device can belong to multiple Assets, and each Asset can belong to a single Asset Group.

To manage your Assets, select Assets from the Platform Management menu.


Adding a new Asset#

You can add an Asset by selecting the New Asset option on the Asset Management menu.


Editing an Asset#

You can edit an Asset by selecting the Edit option on that Asset.


Managing Asset Devices#

You can associate and disassociate an Asset with devices by selecting the Devices option on that Asset.


Deleting an Asset#

You can delete an Asset by selecting the Delete option on that Asset. Deletion requires confirmation.



All data related to this Asset will be permanently deleted


Multiple users may be affected by this


Device measurements will be preserved