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Getting started with IoT

In this guide we are exploring IoT from a beginner’s point of view, aiming at building from scratch a simple IoT solution for collecting real time environmental data from our office and uploading it to the cloud, using of-the-shelf components and readily available online services. We composed it while working on a live demo for our IoT platform. You can see the live data from this implementation here.

Can the Raspberry pi acquire high frequency signals?

We bench marked two of the most popular python libraries. The best one managed to acquire signals with accuracy above 99% for frequencies up to 20 KHz. Above that frequency, its performance gradually deteriorates and at 110 KHz it cannot perform the task. Let’ take a closer look at the experiment.

From a R&D project to Atman IoT

From it’s initial steps up to today, our company, Kapa REN Ltd, has been focused on developing innovative technological solutions, that help its customers gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

It was a great honor for us to be invited to participate in, the co-financed by GSRT research project, PV Auto Scout, which has helped us tremendously in shaping Atman IoT. Through our involvement with the academic world, we transitioned from theory to practice and from R&D to creating a fully fledged commercial product.